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Hemoconcentration and Anemia

To save time studying, students need to form habits of prioritization in all aspects of the curriculum. When looking at a patient's hemoglobin and hematocrit (H/H), don’t just finish when you see a number and make an assumption; ask "So what?" I assess a woman who has a Hct of 31.9%. "So what?" The "So what?" is that she is complaining of being tired all the time. I am admitting a client to the medical-surgical floor from the emergency department. In the emergency department, he has a Hct of 52%, now his Hct is 44.6%. Is he hemorrhaging? Ask "So what?" and dig a little deeper. As the nurse reviews the client's care, it is discovered that he received a liter of 0.9% NaCl on admission. This is a dilutional effect that is being observed.

In this NCLEX® Nugget, Dr. Bristol helps you unpack the "So what?" of the H/H.

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