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Throwing Out A Test Item

"Should I throw out a test item?" All faculty ask this question at some time or another. It is important to remember that a decision like this should not be left to individual faculty members. NurseTim® conducted a research study of over 650 nurse educators across the country, and the results are clear. Evidence-based policy is needed in nursing programs nationwide. When it comes to throwing out a test item, faculty spend too much time developing the items and exams. Faculty should consider how to adjust the test item. Was there a lazy distractor (e.g. nobody chose option D)? Did the question have extraneous verbiage (e.g. too wordy)? Maybe everybody got a question correct (e.g. the professor accidentally gave the question away in lecture)? This video gives your team a few ideas related to "throwing out test items". Start the discussion today.

If you want to explore test item writing in greater detail, consider bringing one of our NurseTim consultants to your campus for a workshop with your faculty. Test Blueprinting and Item Writing is one of our most popular consultations and we'd love to work with you and your team in this area. For more information contact or call 866-861-2896.

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